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New Orleans Music Traditions

In New Orleans at the turn of the century when jazz was invented, to advertise functions and for weddings and funerals, the bands used to switch from the static dance band format, to either riding on the back of a waggon or marching through the streets.

Umbrella Parade  

The sound of the music would bring people out onto the street to see what was going on. Very quickly a second line would form and follow the band around the town. Because of the humidity in New Orleans, many people would carry an umbrella - to protect them from the rain, or to shade them from the sun.

This umbrella parade quickly became part of the whole proceedings and people would decorate their umbrellas to try to outshine those of their neighbours. Consequently, when The New Orleans Jazz Band feel that the occasion is right, they instigate their own umbrella parade.

Jam Session

It is a tradition in New Orleans to invite visiting musicians to sit-in with the band. These "jam sessions" are very popular with the audience and the regular members of the band. Over the years we have had guest musicians sitting in with us from all over the world. These have included -

England - Trumpet - Ian Brameld, Chez Chesterman, Steve Graham, Ray Harley, Bernie Hodgson, George Lapsley, Roy Potts, Stephen Ritter, John Shillito, Tony Smith, Carl Spencer, Dave Stradwick, Derek Winters. Clarinet/sax - Kenny Baxter, Mr. Acker Bilk, Peter Bennetto, Frank Brooker, Colin Burgess, Ian Carfrae, Brian Carrick, Norman Grodentz, Matt Lester (founder-member), John Maddox, Roger Myerscough, Roy Pellett, Mac Rae, Ian Wheeler, John Wurr. Trombone - Ted Spearpoint (founder-member), Geoff Cole, Brian Cotton, Dave Donohoe, Mike Hogh. Banjo - Ivor Jones (founder-member), Gavin Belton, Bob Blake, Eddie Edwards, Stu Morrison, Tom Peckham, Dave Rae. Guitar - Dave Alexander, Daryl Bye, Chas. McDevitt, Gary Potter. Piano - Jonathan Scriven, Alan Thomas. Double-bass - Tony Bagot, Mike Godwin, Annie Hawkins, Trefor Williams. Drums - Dipper Duddy, Clive Pracy. Vocals - 'Rosie' Val Barrett, Toni Baxter, Sandy Croft, Ava Golding, Karen Love, Lulu White.

Holland - Hans Hummeling (piano/founder-member), Martin Teutscher (Saxophone), Han Wezenaar (saxophone/clarinet).   Wales - Chris Hodgkins (trumpet), Eddie Williams (trumpet), Patti Flynn (vocals).

United States of America - Bob Aitken (drums), Bill Massey (vocals),  David Gausden (double-bass), Becky Scriven-Damgaard (vocals).    Ireland - Freddie Baker(trumpet). Australia/Denmark - Chris Tanner (clarinet).  

Scotland - Douggie Boyter (banjo/founder-member), Ian Boyter (saxophone), Kenny Milne (trumpet).

Canada - Charlie Wright (clarinet) from the Climax Jazzband in Toronto.

Germany - Gunter Barfuss (double bass), Heike Brockmann (guitar), Andreas Domke (guitar), Jochen Ewald (trumpet), Werner Haag (trumpet/saxophone/clarinet), Jurgen Hintsche (banjo), Otto Lindemann (trumpet).

Portugal - Cristina Afonso (vocals), Hugo Alves (trumpet), Ed Machado (tuba/founder-member), Guillermo Martins (drums), Jose Palma (piano),  Manuel Soares (drums/founder-member), Joao Viana (Dixie Gang, Cascais) (cornet).  


   November/December 2018 UPDATE

Thank you for supporting the band during 2018. As things always slow down leading up to Christmas so, as in the past, we have now discontinued our Sunday evening residency at Alvor as not enough people are booking.

We are contracted to play at Tivoli Hotel, up to and including Monday 26th November. We will then recommence playing there from around April 2019. It  is possible that we may be play a couple of gigs at O'Navegador and Tivoli, Lagos over the Christmas/New Year period. If enough people showed interested we might play New Year's Eve at O'Navegador so please let me know if you would come. You will be updated as soon as we know what is happening.

Lagos - Monday 26th November will be the last session of the season with the 5 piece Dixie Kings playing a free New Orleans jazz and much more at the Tivoli Hotel, (behind the bus station in Rua da Vasco de Gama)  from 8.30pm in the upstairs bar - open to all - just drinks from the bar and bar snacks - space for dancing - this venue will be restarting in April 2019.

We are doing (with several other musical acts) a special charity concert with all proceeds going to the Bombeiros (Fire service) now confirmed for Saturday 2nd February 2019 at the little theatre (Teatro Mascarenhas Gregorio). This will be advertised very soon as we want to raise as much money as possible for this very worthy cause - information to follow

 I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of the band to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and New Year's Eve and wish you a prosperous 2019. If you need more information email me or phone 935 086 365.

Best wishes

Tony Scriven

for The New Orleans Jazzband - The Dixie Kings

TM: 935 086 365