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Tony started playing drums in the school band aged 15, went on to Art College, then turned professional aged 18 joining The Graham Stewart 7. This band also included Johnnie Parker (pianist - formerly with Humphrey Lyttelton and featured on The Bad Penny Blues record) and Alan Elsdon on trumpet.

Aged 19 he was then asked to join the Cy Laurie Band, a major contributor to the hot jazz revival which started in London in the 1960's and spread throughout Europe and eventually across to Canada and the USA.

In the 1970's Tony played and recorded with another legend - trumpet player Ken Colyer - who while visiting New Orleans as a merchant sailor, had played with many of the old-time musicians still playing in that city including George Lewis and Jim Robinson. On his return to London, Ken collaborated with Monty Sunshine, Lonnie Donegan and Chris Barber in forming what was to become the band that was the driving force behind the New Orleans jazz revival in Europe.

After leading his own band in London in the 1980's "Vintage Jazz", Tony then joined The Monty Sunshine Band; still one of the top bands touring Europe and the States. He stayed with this band until Monty's retirement in 1999 which prompted Tony to move to Portugal full-time in 2000 where he joined the already established New Orleans Jazz Band.

Tony's favourite drummers are Baby Dodds, Zutty Singleton and Gene Krupa. He has played in clubs and concert halls throughout Europe and has toured and recorded with many of the top names in hot jazz, continuing the tradition of New Orleans jazz drummers by driving the band along.

TONY SCRIVEN (Bandleader, Drums, Vocals

JOHN BALLINGER (Trombone, Vocals)

John's father was a well-known dance band clarinet and saxophone player in the 1920's and 30's, playing with the world famous Ambrose Orchestra. John took up the trombone while serving with the RAF as a Vulcan bomber crew-member. Based in Lincolnshire, he joined John Paddon's band, the Boston Pilgrim Stompers - the top New Orleans style band in that area at the time.

While with that band he played with many of the visiting musicians from New Orleans and other stars of the genre including clarinetiist Sammy Rimington and pianist/entertainer Tommy Burton. John also made several visits to New Orleans to hear and play with the top musicians still playing jazz in that city.

On his retirement to Portugal, John became one of the first members of The New Orleans Jazz Band and with his "dancing" tailgate style of playing and strong vocals, he is popular with audiences wherever the band plays. John's playing is influenced by New Orleans trombone greats Kid Ory, Jim Robinson and Louis Nelson.

DAVE LAWSON ((Clarinet/alto/soprano and tenor saxophones)

Dave has been a professional musician all his life. Learning to play in the RAF, on leaving the forces he became a music teacher but also quickly established himself as one of the top clarinet players in the North East of England.

He toured extensively throughout Europe, playing Germany, Sweden and Holland, with the Tees Valley Jazzmen - one of the busiest bands in England. In 1992 this band was featured at the Sacramento International Dixieland Jazz Festival in California representing British jazz. The band made such an impact that they were persuaded to play a return booking there in 1997.

On his retirement to Portugal in 2000 he was immediately asked to join The New Orleans Jazz Band. With his powerful style of playing he has since become a firm favourite with audiences here. Though he has developed his own unique style, he has shades of Sidney Bechet and Artie Shaw.

Luis was born in Leeds, UK, of a Portuguese father and English mother.

He learned to read music at the age of 10 whilst attending Bradford Cathedral as a chorister. At age 11 he began learning piano and clarinet at school. At age 14 he became interested in guitar and drums.

At 15 Luis played drums with a Rockabilly band in and around Yorkshire, and at 18 during a Foundation course at Wakefield college, he played saxophone in an R and B band until being accepted into Leeds School of Jazz. At the Leeds school he studied drums and bass. During the next few years Luis played lots of experimentation in World Music Bands, primarily playing percussion.

Luis arrived in Portugal in 1995, and began playing electric bass with various rythmn and blues bands. In 2000 he was invited to play jazz fusion with Chris Atcherley and his band playing every week at the famous jazz lunch at the Fortaleza in Praia da Luz which he still does to this day.

In 2008 he started a Rockabilly project with THE TEDS and consequently began playing the double bass which is now his main instrument. In 2012 he was invited to permanently join The New Orleans Jazzband.

LUIS HILARIO (Acoustic bass, Vocals)

Born in South London, UK Ray began playing music around 9 years of age when joined the Salvation Army band where he was taught the basics of music and how to play the cornet.

In his mid-teens he became interested in the pop music of the day and switched to guitar and vocals. Throughout the 60's he played with and led various bands. A recording contract led to work on TV including "Ready, Steady, Go" and a tune that he co- wrote was the B side to a song which was 36 in the "Radio London" charts.

In the 70's Ray continued to play professionally with a variety of bands and styles, recording 3 albums with regular appearances on TV from Pebble Mill, in Birmingham and a gig at London's Royal Albert Hall.

In 1979 Ray met future wife vocalist Sandie Croft and since then they have played together as a musical multi-instrumental duo both in Britain and the rest of Europe and still work together today.

In the mid 1980's Ray renewed his interest in playing the trumpet and worked with several brass bands in Yorkshire. At this time he also became more interested in Jazz.

In 1988 Ray and Sandie moved to Portugal and as well as playing with the duo, Ray played trumpet with the OJL Big Band and the Easy Street Jazz Band. In 2009 Ray and Sandie formed a very successful Rock and Roll Band called The Teds. 

Becoming more interested in playing jazz, Ray has now permanently joined The New Orleans Jazzband, folllowing his bass player from The Teds - Luis Hilario. 

RAY CHARSLEY (Trumpet, Vocals)

Born in New York, Cory Sea is a jazz/blues guitarist/vocalist recently living in France, but now settled in Ferragudo, Portugal.

As a young man he studied music/guitar at the renowned Berklee School of Music. Being something of a wanderer, apart from America,  he has lived and worked in Australia, South America and France, playing jazz festivals and gigs in all of those countries.

To the delight of The New Orleans Jazzband, he has now joined the band permanently although he continues to work as a solo artist at various venues in the region, playing jazz/latin/blues/pop and his own compositions.

You can sample his work by Googling "Cory Sea Youtube" or better still, come and hear him with the band!

CORY SEA (Guitar, Vocals)

Since first becoming a bandleader in 1980 (Vintage Jazz), Tony’s policy has always been to use the best musicians available. When based in London, this was easy as he had a book full of top available professional musicians, but since moving to the Algarve, with so few "Hot Jazz" players available, it has become much more difficult to find people who can add something to the band. However, his policy has remained the same.

One top musician who spends six months of every year in his holiday home near Sagres, is Baritone Saxophone player Han Wezenaar from Holland. Tony always supplements the band by using him whenever possible, as his big sound gives the band a new dimension. Han also doubles on clarinet which gives the band the opportunity to feature tunes with two clarinets, which always pleases the audiences.

Han started playing clarinet when he was 15 years old in his hometown of Utrecht. He played old -style Dixieland jazz in a band called "The Pall Mall Jazzband". Han soon began playing as a guest with other bands and toured West Africa with "The Dutch Dixie Rebels". He also appeared on a famous record album "Was It A Dream?" with singer Madame Zenja Damm.

Living up to his "rebel" reputation, he soon turned to the more unconventional Baritone Saxophone, which is now his main instrument. Han feels passionately about the role of this large instrument in jazz, and manages to fit in with such diverse styles as New Orleans, swing, Latin and be-bop.

Experienced throughout the Netherlands, playing clubs, festivals and TV "Van Gewest tot Gewest", he takes every opportunity when in Portugal to play with Portuguese and Ex-pat musicians and has played clubs and concerts throughout the country, including the Hot Clube de Portugal in Lisbon - now the oldest established jazz club in Europe.

Han has led many groups in his professional career including "Baritone Power Plant" based in Amsterdam; his current group "Djazzperado" - and of course always enjoys playing with The New Orleans Jazz Band.

HAN WEZENAAR (Baritone sax, Clarinet)